Remove The Threat Of Web Attacks With An Advanced WAF Portfolio From F5.

48 of the Fortune 50 companies Use F5 Services

By 2021, cybercrime could cost businesses six trillion dollars annually, representing the greatest transfer of economic wealth in history, illicit or otherwise. As one of Europe’s most trusted healthcare technology companies, Cegedim SA understood that they needed the best security that money could buy.

Find out why Cegedim SA is using F5 WAF to secure its Data and why the company chose F5, a vendor with an incredible track record of providing end-to-end application security across multiple platforms and cloud environments.

Cegedim is a French company specializing in healthcare technology and services. Established in 1969, and with over 4,500 employees in more than 10 countries, it’s a powerful industry player with operations in Europe and in the US – with big plans for future expansion.


Cegedim SA bridges app development and security divide with F5 WAF

The company has always operated on the technological cutting edge. It has no choice; the data it’s responsible for is vital for patient health and of great value to increasingly sophisticated cybercriminals.

Protecting patient data presents a significant, ongoing challenge for developing, deploying and managing apps with reliability and security. There is no room for error or delay when you’re responsible for highly sensitive information like healthcare records, hospital management systems and personal healthcare applications.

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